Dairy Farmers May Soon Get 50% Subsidy for Milk Processing Machine Dairy
March 19, 2020
At present, dairy cultivating or milk creation business is entirely productive for the farmers. What’s more, there are numerous farmers in the nation who are really winning a decent pay through dairy cultivating and dairy business. Central just as State governments are attempting their best to help dairy farmers with various plans and activities.

One such activity was Doodh ki Chakki or milk preparing van. The Haryana Animal Husbandry Department concocted the remarkable thought of beginning Dudh ki Chakki that contains machines to change over ranchers’ milk into 8 unique items – ghee, margarine, curd, frozen yogurt, kulfi, cheddar, khoya, and lassi.

Sanjeev Balyan, Union Minister of State for Animal Husbandry had propelled the ‘Dudh ki Chakki’ a year ago from The Laja Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. The milk preparing van moves from town to town to support the farmers. Right now, a farmer can without much of a stretch methodology the van with his milk and get whatever items he needs at a sensible cost.
* Subsidy on this machine:
Luvas has recommended that if at any rate 50 percent endowment is given to the cow’s proprietors/dairy farmers then they can without much of a stretch purchase this machine.
* Cost of this machine:
It costs about Rs. 5 lakhs to introduce a milk handling machine. As the Animal Husbandry office can only with significant effort bear this cost alone, so Luvas has proposed a sponsorship on milk preparing machine (Doodh ki Chakki) from the legislature. What’s more, this consequently will twofold their pay.


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